About Us

Our mission at Early Childhood Assessment Services is to provide family-focused, conflict free, independent assessments for children birth to age five in order to determine eligibility for specialized services.

Our specialized services include:

Sensory Development

Includes fine and gross motor skills and the ability to adapt to the environment.

Adaptive Development

Includes feeding, sleep and self help skills.

Cognitive Development

Includes play, problem solving, imitation, attention and conceptual knowledge.

Communication Development

Includes receptive and expressive language, oral motor and articulation skills.


Social Emotional Development

Includes temperament, motivation, persistence, regulation and adult and peer interaction.

Early Childhood Assessment Services (ECAS) acknowledges the need for a compassionate and caring approach to children and their family members. We believe that each child and their family have their own unique strengths and needs that must be respected.

Evaluation team members maintain good working relationships with their colleagues, which provides a cohesive unit ensuring quality assessments for all children.

The independent consultants of ECAS have been evaluating infant toddler development for many years. They are experienced therapists and child developmental specialists who are experts in their fields.


Joanne Palermo, M. Ed

Founder, Owner and Developmental Specialist


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