Milestones: 24-30 Months

Your Baby's Development

All babies are unique little beings, each with their own personalities and developmental profile. At ECAS, we know that developmental milestones come in a broad range, and not all skills occur at the same time for all babies. The good news is, for all but a few babies, these skills all eventually emerge without additional support.

The skills below are to be used as guidelines only. If your baby is not reaching these milestones by the end of the thirtieth month, it should not cause you concern. Just use your instincts! Call your pediatrician and he/she will refer you to your local early intervention team.

Your baby should be able to do the following by the end of the 30th month:

  • Matches primary colors
  • Matches shapes
  • Follows two part direction
  • Engages in simple make-believe
  • Says 50 or more words
  • Says two words together
  • Labels pictures in a book
  • Jumps forward
  • Imitates motor actions (standing on one foot)
  • Walks upstairs alone
  • Imitates lines and a circle on paper
  • Builds tower with eight cubes
  • Engages in pretend play with a doll
  • Frustration peaks
  • Helps with dressing and undressing

Things to look out for:

  • Your baby is not jargoning and saying at least 50 words
  • Your baby is not engaging in more elaborate pretend play which includes combining 3-4 actions (feeding, hugging, laying baby down and covering it with a blanket
  • Your baby is not following a two part direction, e.g. “Put the toys in the bag and give them to daddy”
  • Your baby is not labeling pictures in a book

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